Skid Mounted V Belt & Pulley

The pulleys/shafts will be built into a mechanism which will allow the small pulley to be misaligned through both the X and Y axis.

The take-up units will allow tensioning of the device.

This unit will be mounted on a box section skid frame which will be fitted with swivel brake castors to allow the unit to be easily transported around the workshop.

It is designed to show the trainee the effects of incorrect alignment, fitting of mismatched belts and incorrect tensioning.

  • 2 off 4 groove SPB taper lock pulleys
  • 1 fixed and 1 adjustable mounting shafts
  • 1 set of matched V belts
  • 1 set of unmatched V belts
  • 1 off belt tension belt indicator
  • 4 off take-up bearing adjustors

Designed in partnership with EDF Energy.