Screwed Compression Fitting

The rig will comprise of a wall mounted ring main system complete with valves and spigots which will be utilized to fit four sections of pipe work with the different types of fittings attached.

The female fittings (one each Swagelok, Ermeto, Wade and Keelaring) will be attached to the fixed pipe work and  the  male  fittings  will  be  attached  to  a  suitably  formed  section  of  pipe.  The  different  shapes  on  the conceptual sketch identify the positioning of each of the different types of fitting.

This will allow the trainee to practice both forming the pipe sections and the correct assembly of the fittings.

The sections of pipe will be able to be sealed off individually with valves to allow any one of the four types of fittings to be worked on at a time; the final assembly will be painted blue.

Designed in partnership with EDF Energy.