Alignment & Vibration Analysis

This rig has been designed to assist in training apprentices and technicians in the alignment of pumps and motors. It also incorporates the facility to carry out vibration analysis.
Alignment & Vibration Analysis Rig

The rig shown above is a Pump and Motor Alignment Rig which is similar but will have additional features (as below) to allow the vibration analysis.

Mounted on a Beta Maxi Tank complete with Aluminium 5 Bar Checker Plate Top, the rig will have the

following features:

  • Machined slides to ensure low vibration
  • Self aligning rose joint type bearings
  • Top plate will screw down to clamp slides after adjustments have been made to produce a rigid set up for vibration analysis
  • New 3 phase steel motor (suitable for attaching magnets to introduce vibration)
  • Start / stop isolator box
  • 8 off machined adaptors to allow vibration readings to be taken
  • Customer to supply free issue pump for Rig

Designed in partnership with EDF Energy.